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Tricia Goyer

Walk it Out: The Radical Result of Living God's Word One Step at a Time

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You’ve heard the phrase Trust God. It’s easy to say but can be hard to do. But what if you did it. What if you did the things that God asked you to do and solely relied on Him? Women often pack their lives with family, friends, and faithful service, yet still feel empty and unfilled. Bestselling author Tricia Goyer has been where you are. She gets it and knows that the only way to live a fulfilling life is to walk it out with God.

Walk It Out: The Radical Result of Living God’s Word One Step at a Time is a resource that teaches women how walking out the mandates of Scripture will allow God to spark passion and mission within them. Goyer teaches women, of all ages, how to:

  1. use your healed heart to love and serve

  2. create space and craft purpose

  3. give generously without question

  4. be vulnerable

  5. truly love your family

  6. do the work that God intended you to do

This book is for women:

  • struggling with anxiety or depression

  • feeling like they lost their way and are living by comparison

  • who feel like they’re never enough and always too much

  • searching for ways to develop a closer relationship with God

  • raising families while facing crossroads

Sometimes the steps we take in our faith are easy, but many times they require a move outside of what feels safe or secure. When women stop focusing on their own dreams and purposes, and instead focus on God’s dreams and purposes, everything changes.