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Tricia Goyer

The Elder Sister

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The Elder Sister: Miriam's Story is the 18th book in the Ordinary Women of the Bible fiction series.

When Miriam's mother gives birth to a perfect baby boy, her family feels something other than the usual joy that comes with new life—they feel dread. Egypt’s pharaoh has decreed that every boy born to a Hebrew woman is to be cast into the Nile and drowned. But through the wisdom of El Shaddai within her, Miriam and her mother know that to save this baby they must let him go.

Now, decades later, Miriam learns her brother has returned to demand that Pharaoh let the Hebrew people go free. But as supportive of Moses as Miriam desires to be, something other than the Voice stirs within her. After her years spent as a leader and prophetess among the Hebrews, can Miriam set aside her pride and accept the calling God has given her—and her baby brother?