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  • Victory Heights by Tricia Goyer
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Tricia Goyer

Finding Love in Victory Heights

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Step back in time with "Rosalie's Riveting Romance" - A Tale of Love and Resilience During WWII

Amid the tumultuous Second World War, meet Rosalie - a young woman with a spirit as unyielding as the rivets she expertly shoots into the B-17 bombers at the Boeing plant in Victory Heights. The war may have stolen her fiance, but it can't steal her determination to make a difference.

Rosalie's unwavering dedication earns her the nickname "Seattle's Own Rosie the Riveter" from a local reporter. Her story becomes a symbol of inspiration for women nationwide, showing them that they too, can be powerful forces for change during these trying times.

As Rosalie pours her heart and soul into her work, she can't help but feel the magnetic pull of Kenny, the handsome and charismatic reporter who brought her story to the world. But the scars of past heartbreak still linger, and Rosalie is torn between her growing feelings for Kenny and the fear of experiencing another devastating loss.

"Rosalie's Riveting Romance" is a heartwarming tale of love, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of those who lived through one of the most challenging periods in history. Will fear triumph over the power of love, or will Rosalie and Kenny find the strength to embrace a future together in the face of uncertainty?

Join Rosalie on her journey through the pages of this captivating story and discover the enduring power of love in the midst of war.