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F Scott Fitzgerald Sticker *FREE SHIPPING with any order over $10

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Embrace the Timeless Beauty of the Soul with Our Vintage-Inspired Sticker!

Celebrate the enduring beauty that lies within with our vintage-inspired sticker. Purposely crafted to exude a worn, uneven, and smudged appearance, it radiates a charming vintage vibe. The heartfelt message it carries is a testament to the beauty that truly matters – the beauty of the soul.

*FREE SHIPPING with any order over $10

Product Details:

  • Size (inches): 3.0 x 2.62
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Removable, individually die-cut vinyl, waterproof
  • Versatile application: Perfect for laptops, tablets, notebooks, mirrors, phones, water bottles, journals, and more.

Our stickers are designed to withstand the tests of time, just like the beauty they celebrate. Crafted from durable vinyl laminate, they resist scratching, heat, water, and even the harshest sunlight. Remarkably, they can even endure a cycle in the dishwasher and emerge still perfect.

Designed, manufactured, and proudly printed in the USA, this sticker not only shares a powerful message but also reflects your commitment to quality and inner beauty. Place it wherever you seek inspiration, and let it remind you of the profound beauty that dwells within every soul. Order your vintage-inspired beauty sticker today and celebrate the enduring allure of the heart and spirit!